Smart Buildings

Go ‘Smart’ with us today, to make your Building ready for tomorrow.

What makes a building smart? A building is smart if it makes you feel comfortable and secure while being economical in terms of operational costs.

Smart Buildings are becoming more and more popular as they reduce energy costs, enhance productivity, improve building operations, and support sustainability efforts. MillenniumIT ESP has the expertise, skills and technology to convert your business building into a ‘Smart Building’.


Smart Buildings ELV Solutions

Infrastructure owners invest in various systems to make a facility smart, be it a Metro Station, Airport or Shopping Mall. These systems are packaged under Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Systems.

ELV Systems are becoming a necessity for Smart Buildings in making building infrastructure more intelligent, interconnected and efficient. MillenniumIT ESP, with over 25 years of experience in system integration and engineering skills, offers a true Smart Building solution that integrates all modern IP-based ELV systems.

Our Capabilities

Structured Cabling

Network Switching and WIFI

Telephone (PABX)

CCTV/ IP Surveillance

Access Control Systems

Public Address Systems

Fire Control Systems


Master Clock

Building Management System

Smart Buildings/IoT

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