MillionPaths Foundation

From Technological Solutions to Social Solutions

Always looking to bring a better tomorrow, today, MillenniumIT ESP with the initiation of its staff has been engaging in projects that uplift the community in more ways than one!

Pioneering in the craft of providing solutions for the challenges of tomorrow, the milestone of completing 25 years of service in the industry paved the way for the MillionPaths Foundation as the drive behind all Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We have always undertaken the obligation of giving and caring for society as part and parcel of what we stand for, and now with a quarter of a century behind us, MillionPaths Foundation is the stepping stone of doing this at a larger magnitude.

Our Purpose


Embracing the pinnacle of knowledge for an empowered and enriched tomorrow.


Conscious activism that bridges the gap in technological advancements and access, paves the path to an educated and inclusive community, and taking steps towards preserving the integrity of both the planet as well as humanity.

Our Origin

Many wage a silent battle against poverty, lack of equal opportunity to quality education and accommodating infrastructure or the availability of resources due to various factors. Such common place deprivations are hardly in the limelight. Creating a positive impact through education and shedding a light on those who are in need is the path we choose to embark upon, in fact, there may be a thousand ways or even a million ways to do so and this is what the MillionPaths Foundation sets out to do!

MillionPaths is the augmented continuation of a journey embarked upon by the volunteering and giving nature that has forever been the norm at MillenniumIT ESP with its integrated business model of the responsibility towards the environment as well as equitable social development.

Our Objectives

Having always engaged in the generous act of giving and facilitating the betterment of society in a tangible manner on several fronts, MillionPaths is the means to creating a greater impact for the empowerment and enrichment of lives.

Technology & Digitalization

Embarking on projects that facilitate the provision of technological solutions as well as in enabling digitization with the aim of advancing society into modernization.


Carrying out diverse projects to assist students including the differently-abled, concerning their education, infrastructure, assistance towards educational institutions, and organizing educational programs; hence developing a competent future workforce.

Environmental Protection

Fostering sustainable environmental goals as an environmental steward whilst taking proactive steps to reduce the negative impact and carry out projects that will create a lasting positive impact on nature with the aim to protect the environment.

Poverty Alleviation

We strive to defend progress already made and unlock the collective promise of the Sustainable Development Goals across interconnected issues.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

MillionPaths aligns its goals in line with those of the Sri Lankan Government which support some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals laid down by the UN which aims to end poverty, facilitate the provision of equal educational opportunities, modernize the nation with the state-of-the-art technological break-through, and protect the planet whilst ensuring peace and prosperity to all. 

Recent CSR initiatives

Renovation of Toilets in Damunumulla Junior School, Galewala

Every child has a right to a decent education and a learning environment.

On this note the Million Paths Foundation embarked on a project to renovate 2 toilets at Damunumulla Junior School Galewela, which was in dire need of this upgrade. The school situated in the Matale District has 117 students, who have been facing several shortcomings and the renovation of the 2 toilets have been pending for a long time. Hence, we stepped in to identifying the issues and prioritized on this task considering the need for it. To ensure hygiene, safety, and accessibility during school hours and after school hours, the MPF team made sure that appropriate sanitary facilities were installed to carry on a smooth learning environment.

MPF team continues to serve the objective of improving the standard of education of students in Sri Lanka.


MillionPaths Foundation embarked on its 8th project with the objective of Education and the 2nd project associated with Kalundawa Saranankara Maha Vidyalaya in Narammala.
The school has a talented pool of students excelling and receiving numerous awards for music despite having minimal resources. They have been practicing with hand-made instruments and personal instruments of the teachers. So, to keep the promise we made last time we kept close contact with the school to provide assistance whenever they required. Hence, the MPF team donated a Harmonium to help elevate the skills and knowledge of the music students. It was an absolute pleasure for the MillionPaths Foundation to support the school and the talented children and we will continuously be in touch to watch these students excel in what they do.

Renovation of Badulla Needwood Tamil Vidyalaya

The MillionPaths team was once again able to lay their hands on yet another successful project at Badulla Needwood Tamil Vidyalaya. This is a primary mixed school with 96 students and 6 teachers. MPF stepped in on the initiative of renovating the school with roof repairs, color-washing a classroom, complete renovation of the student washroom, and providing appropriate water facilities with the goal of providing quality education and preparing a suitable learning environment for both students and teachers.