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Automate today, derive intelligent decisions for tomorrow.

MillenniumIT ESP goes beyond merely creating bots to automate mundane tasks. We leverage Emerging Technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Data Science, and Internet of Things (IoT) combined with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to create more powerful, intelligent automations that work across enterprise boundaries to optimize productivity and efficiencies.

We also have the capability to review enterprise data architecture and re-engineer the data landscape to enable data driven decision making to achieve significant business outcomes for enterprises, once combined with intelligent automation.

MillenniumIT ESP has a strong practice in Intelligent Automation with highly competent, experienced and well-established team of certified engineering and business consultants who help organizations to achieve business transformation through automation. Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Business Process Management (BPM) and Hyper Automation using RPA, AI and ML are the key areas of focus in this Technology Team.

This team focuses on coordinating resources (people), systems, information, and material (assets) to achieve business outcomes. As a result, these elements are particularly helpful in accelerating digital transformation strategies of our clients. The experience, domain knowledge and technical capabilities we possess help us understand the true potential of implementing Intelligent Automation solutions at scale, with an enterprise approach.

Here’s how we can help your business!

Reduce costs

  • Cost savings of nearly 30%. ​
  • Robot cost is less than a full-time employee cost. ​
  • Working 24 x 7 without extra pay/overtime.

Improve customer experience

  • No mistakes/delays​.
  • Employees have more time to interact freely with customers​ – provide a better service.
  • Quick customer responses.

Lower operational risks

  • Elimination of human errors.
  • Elimination of re-work​.
  • Reduced rate of errors.

Improve internal processes

  • Defined clear governance procedures.
  • Faster internal reporting.
  • Streamlined processes.

No replacement of existing IT systems

  • Working with existing systems.
  • Integrated with legacy systems.
  • No infrastructure changes.

Customer Testimonial:

“The collaboration with MillenniumIT ESP on the RPA initiatives has helped us streamline the process from purchase order to pro forma invoice by minimizing repetitive human tasks and errors, speeding up task executions and helping us stick to the given SLA timelines.”

Madura Wijeweera
Senior Manager – Information and Communication Technology (South Asia Textiles Limited)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays pivotal role in the automation world and it is the technology that makes automation intelligent. MillenniumIT ESP’s highly competent and experienced team offers multiple solution offerings to enterprises across several verticals, including Banking and Finance, Telecommunication and Manufacturing industries, to successfully achieve their automation journey.

Following technologies are embedded in our Intelligent Automation solutions:

  • Machine Learning
  • Language Understanding
  • Computer Vision

MillenniumIT ESP’s Data Science expertise and solutions help organizations to identify hidden patterns from data, allowing businesses to discover insights through exploratory analysis of data – often collected but never utilized over the years.

Organizations can look at data in multiple angles to discover business opportunities that most times have not been previously known to them, through data fusion, data enrichment and allowing business users to easily slice and dice data using our comprehensive product portfolio.

MillenniumIT ESP’s Data Science solutions are an extension of our renowned Data Analytics and Data Engineering practice.

Data Analytics

Data is a strategic asset for an organization. Data helps organizations to make data driven decisions, uncover insights that lead to competitive advantage, embark on new business models, and improve internal processes. We provide advance Data Analytics solutions across diverse industry and business domains to create actionable insights.

Data narrates powerful stories! With the right set of tools and techniques organizations can uncover the untold stories behind data.

Descriptive, Diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics are different forms that help create powerful stories and bring value to businesses. All these data forms are trying to answer different questions within a business.

  • Descriptive Analytics: “What has happened?”
  • Diagnostic Analytics: “Why it has happened?”
  • Predictive Analytics: “What is likely to happen?”
  • Prescriptive Analytics: “What should I change in my business to make it happen?”

MillenniumIT ESP provides advance Data Analytics solutions in Banking and Finance, Manufacturing and Retail, and Telecommunication and Media industry verticals. We bring the domain knowledge from our extensive experience, collected from over 15 years, to understand the customer’s business in-depth and provide end to end data analytics solutions along with a roadmap to guide customers through their data journey.

Data Engineering

MillenniumIT ESP’s Data Engineering solutions offer designing and developing end to end data pipelines as demanded by modern data driven businesses. Our solutions cover entire data ecosystems from Data Integration, Data Governance, Data Quality, Master Data Management, and Data Catalogs to highly customized Data Wrangling requirements for niche use cases (often required in ML/AI use cases).

Our custom Data Engineering solutions help our clients to gather, organize and transform data using multiple platforms and technologies ranging from data warehouses to data lakes, be it On-prem or in the Cloud. We bring more than 15 years of collective experience from our long-standing engagements across multiple industries including Telecommunication and Media, Banking and Finance, Manufacturing and Retail, and Commercial Sector, where hundreds of thousands of key business decisions are being made from data platforms designed by us.

MillenniumIT ESP is brand and vendor agnostic and we provide best fit solutions. Our certified engineers are skilled in Tier 1 data platforms like Informatica, Oracle, Talend, Microsoft, Cloudera, Azure, AWS, GCP, and Snowflake. Our Engineering Team has extensive experience in working with industry standards and in-house built systems as well as integrating, cleansing, transforming, and building data models to provide valuable insights to businesses.

Our deployment methodology revolves around an optimized rapid rollout scrum technique ensuring quicker insights and better ROI.

Here’s our key Data Science offerings for your business!

  • Enterprise Grade Data Warehousing Solutions (On-Prem or Cloud)
  • Enterprise Grade Data Integration Solutions (On-Prem or Cloud and Realtime or Batch)
  • Big Data Solutions
  • Streaming Data Management Solutions
  • Data Governance Solutions
  • Data Quality Management Solutions
  • Custom Master Data Management Solutions (MDM)
  • Meta Data or Data Catalog Management Solutions
  • Data Integration Optimization and Modernization

At MillenniumIT ESP, we have established our IoT practice with the intention of transforming industries and preparing them to be business-ready in facing the Industry 4.0 Revolution.
Based on individual client requirements, we have the technology solutions and skillsets to design, develop and implement customized solutions for data analytics and predictions using real time analytics and ML models.

Here’s what we can offer you!

We can provide an industrial IoT platform for the purposes of:

Capturing real time operational parameters from the plant.

Sources include:

  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC
  • Installed Sensors
  • Additional Sensors

Providing management dashboards with different content for different user


  • Real time information
  • Basic trends, averages, min (low) and max (high) values, graphical analysis and many other features.

Providing management insights to ensure effective utilization of all the resources.

Ensuring integrity and security of data.

Providing historical data for analytics.

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