Optimizing processes today, to ensure tomorrow’s bottom line.

All top apparel manufacturers in Sri Lanka have partnered with MillenniumIT ESP to secure their environments.

Excelling in providing comprehensive solutions for manufacturing and retail companies to embrace digitization strategies.

One-stop shop for all manufacturing and retail businesses with automated synergies including RPA, IoT, Data and BPA.

Experts in end-to-end Smart Factory Solutions to ensure sustainability, governance and productivity efficiencies.

Digitalizing industries

Having the correct solutions and measures in place can help transform any manufacturing or retailing operation into a more efficient and rewarding business model. At MillenniumIT ESP, our experts can provide world-class solutions for manufacturing operations, consolidation, collaboration, and mission-critical functions that result in leaner, faster and safer machines, streamlining your processes and strengthening your bottom line.

Multiskilled for multi-industries

We have the technical know-how and skillset to deploy the latest customer-centric applications and innovative technology solutions to improve your retail customer experience and provide cost-effective, service-oriented digital platforms. With MillenniumIT ESP on board, you can provide a personalized, seamless shopping experience while ensuring operational efficiency through intelligent transformation and the development of future-ready business processes.

Manufacturing & Retail Solutions and Services

  • End to End Security and Monitoring Solutions
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Workflow Management and Automation
  • Industry 4.0 Solutions
  • Customer Experience Solutions
  • Cloud Agility Engineering and Security
  • Production and Operational BI and Dashboarding
  • Paperless Environment Solutions (Document Management Systems)
  • Production Automation (RPA, ML and IoT Solutions)
  • Network and Application Monitoring Solutions
  • Secured WFH Solutions

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