MillenniumIT ESP Wins RPA Hackathon 2019 Award

Receives Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Hackathon award for winning

Case Study under the SME category

From left: Millennium IT ESP Senior Consultant – Robotic Process Automation Danura Hewa Lunuwilage, Millennium IT ESP Business Consultant – Enterprise Business Applications Calvin Hindle and WNS Sri Lanka Managing Director Dinesh Wickremanayake.

Colombo – Friday, 28 June, 2019: MillenniumIT ESP – one of Sri Lanka’s leading systems integrators and information systems providers – recently won the Virtual RPA Hackathon 2019 award for its submission of Case Study under the SME category, at an event organized by the Sri Lanka Association of Software and Services Companies (SLASSCOM).

The SLASSCOM Virtual RPA Hackathon 2019 was the first-ever virtual hackathon on Robotics Process Automation (RPA) held in Sri Lanka with the event taking place earlier this year at the Galle Face Hotel, Colombo.

Submissions of any solutions, designs, processes, products, services or client deliveries that involved RPA was received as a key catalyst in deriving anticipated case study outcomes for the Hackathon on RPA usage and aligning with desired case study results of process efficiency, timely client deliveries, increased quality and cost savings.

The submitted case studies were then screened by a panel of expert industry judges across three main categories which included Individual, SME and Large Enterprises.

MillenniumIT ESP submitted a case study on an ‘Artwork Download Solution’ project the company had undertaken as part of a POC (Proof of Concept) implementation for a client.

The said client’s Printing Department used to receive 30-40 artwork designs related to various orders every day.

The core business area of the client depended on the shared artworks and any delay, mismatch or miss out meant losing business.

As such, it was vital to find a reliable RPA solution that avoided human errors and could standardize the artwork download process.

Millennium IT ESP were able to recognize the importance of an RPA solution in addressing the major challenges faced by the client and envisage the increase in productivity and efficiencies that was to be gained when optimizing the client’s current process through the implementation in hand.

The proposed RPA solution, Dbot: Download, Process, Report, was designed to automate large file downloads for enterprises and it was recognized as the winning case study of Virtual RPA Hackathon 2019.

“While congratulating my talented team for winning I’m pleased to see a collective interest in process automation using software bots in Sri Lanka.

Our thanks go to SLASSCOM for organizing the hackathon,” said Millennium IT ESP’s Chief Technology and Solutions Officer Shanaka Rabel.

“MillenniumIT ESP’s approach to RPA is to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the candidate processes while providing a 24×7 working bot (or bots) with consistent accuracy.

We believe that the human brain should be utilized for cognitive and intelligent problem solving while the work of ‘hands’ can be moved to software bots – allowing the human plus virtual combination to enrich business outcomes,” Rabel added.

MillenniumIT ESP is a subsidiary of Ambeon Holdings PLC, a medium-sized conglomerate reputed for its market dominance in the areas of financial services, manufacturing, real estate, technology and strategic investments.

“Technology plays a pivotal role across the world and Millennium IT ESP is well positioned to pursue the global opportunities posed by fintech and other enterprise businesses through the creation of a world class brand portfolio,” stated MillenniumIT ESP Director and Ambeon Capital PLC and Ambeon Holdings PLC Group MD/CEO Murali Prakash.

“With expanded range of products, premier technology and innovation platforms along with the required resources will help pave the way for MillenniumIT ESP to extend its global footprint across new markets and regions. These enhanced capabilities will no doubt benefit our customers and create sustainable long-term value for all our shareholders,” Prakash concluded.

MillenniumIT ESP is one of Sri Lanka’s leading information systems solutions providers, delivering IT solutions for many industries; including banks and finance, telecommunications, apparel and leading conglomerates. Solutions provided by the company include core infrastructure, information security, business collaboration, near-field communications, business productivity, cloud, networking and managed services.

The company also boasts about the several global partnerships with leading firms including Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Hitachi and Infosys. It has also received several excellence, innovation and performance-based awards across various markets for its services around the globe.