MillenniumIT ESP Launches New Corporate Brand Identity with a New Purpose

Launches new logo with purpose – Reimagine Today and Reinvent Tomorrow
Millennium IT ESP is now an agile creator, shapeshifting to stay ahead of change

Millennium IT ESP Director and Ambeon Capital Group and Ambeon Holdings Managing Director/CEO Murali Prakash at the launch of the new logo, all new purpose and values of the company

Sri Lanka’s leading systems integrator and information systems provider Millennium I.T. E.S.P. Ltd., (Millennium IT ESP) announced the launch of its new corporate brand identity, its purpose, redesigned logo and values. These changes are being launched strategically at a time when the company is evolving its service offerings, expanding global reach and transforming customer businesses in a dynamic business environment to be relevant for tomorrow, today.

“Millennium IT ESP is now well poised to serve customers and partners better with a strengthen purpose and strategy, the agile creator – shapeshifting to stay ahead of the change,” stated Murali Prakash, Director of Millennium I.T.E.S.P Ltd. and Group Managing Director/CEO of Ambeon Capital and Ambeon Holdings PLC.

“Today’s announcement is about the launch of the all new purpose of the company, which is to ‘Reimagine Today and Reinvent Tomorrow’ and to unveil the new logo depicting agility and transformational mindset integrating the purpose. Purpose-driven agile organisations are better equipped in enabling transformation and that is what Millennium IT ESP will facilitate within and to its customers at large. This is just the beginning of a revolutionary journey where the company is now ready to transform and propel organisations and industries to confidently navigate the ever-changing business landscape.”

The new logo is designed to work effortlessly across global markets whether with digital and physical channels. The logo colours depict creativity, determination, and perfection while its firm bold shape stands for solidness and reliability. The new logo evokes the purpose driven values which are Preemptive, Versatile, Energetic and Relentless, all geared towards understanding the future, whether it is technology, industries or customers. Tomorrow’s successes would depend on future ready business models and strategies, and Millennium IT ESP is reshaping to be the trusted enabler/partner in this journey.

“In today’s dynamic world, connectivity is evolving, consumerism is taking shape and organisations are embracing change and growing exponentially. Whether it is banking and finance, insurance, telecommunication, manufacturing or services, industries are constantly reinventing themselves to understand behavioural dynamics and stay relevant to the needs of tomorrow’s consumers. As part of ongoing internal agility, a new strategy rollout too would take place partnering with STAX, a global strategic outfit. With decades of experience and expertise in technology, innovation, adaptation and transformation, Millennium IT ESP is now ready to enable the emerging trends whether it is new age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), to meet emerging needs and drive sustainable and profitable business outcomes,” Prakash further explained.

Millennium IT ESP (or Millennium IT as it was known then) was founded in 1996 as a systems integrator and SUN Micro systems authorised reseller. The following year, the company rose to prominence as it entered into software design and development when it designed and installed a straight through processing system for the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE). The same year, the company built the first suite of telecom software for Dialog Axiata or Dialog GSM as it was known then, Sri Lanka’s leading GSM telecom provider.

These significant milestones which paved the country’s IT industry to new heights, not only placed Sri Lanka on the world map, inspired budding technology entrepreneurs, and set the industry on a growth trajectory but also cemented Millennium IT ESP as a leading IT solutions provider in the country. The company went on to become one of the world’s leading developers of high-performance trading systems and eventually formed the exchange technology hub of the London Stock Exchange Group following the acquisition that took place in the year 2009.

In December 2017, Ambeon Group acquired the enterprise solutions business along with a 100% stake of Millennium IT ESP from London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) with management and shareholding control. As part of this acquisition agreement, Ambeon also entered into a wider ownership plan with the employees of Millennium IT ESP giving them an equity stake and enabling them to play a significant role in shaping the company’s future as owner managers.

Today Millennium IT ESP is the preferred partner of global technology giants including Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Hitachi and Infosys. It is also a reputed solutions provider for leading Sri Lankan private and public entities. Its latest enterprise solutions power many crucial sectors of the economy such as export manufacturing, financial services, logistics and shipping, real estate, and telecommunication. Some of Millennium IT ESP’s clients include top-tier corporates, leading banks, and conglomerates.

The success stories of Millennium IT ESP are immense.

As the leader in enterprise technology for the telecommunication industry, Millennium IT ESP, together with its global partners, has produced robust technology architecture and infrastructure, and reliable and scalable enterprise solutions for the sector. Millennium IT ESP provides Sri Lanka Telecom and Mobitel with enterprise grade critical servers and implementation of Enterprise Consolidated Backup Solution based on Veritas Netbackup for enterprise data centres.

In 2008 when Sri Lanka Telecom introduced a game changer and ventured into the television space in Sri Lanka in the form of PeoTV, Millennium IT ESP provided the IPTV platform and digital CRM solutions to PeoTV in this audience-empowering business. Millennium IT ESP also enabled Sri Lanka telecom to reconstruct the architecture of the television industry and secure the dominant design in the local Pay-TV industry.

The fast-changing dynamics of the branded apparel industry demands the fail-proof orchestration of a complex supply chain. Upholding system integrity is crucial for delivering high-standard performance in designing, manufacturing, and logistics at high speed. Millennium IT ESP implemented a robust security solution for its compute and endpoint which is its security infrastructure to enhance the Group’s capacity to confront the whole threat lifecycle, protect critical technology infrastructure and ensure information security and safety.

Millennium IT ESP is also at the forefront of building cognitive solutions to free talent from low value-adding tasks. «AI BoT» applications designed by Millennium IT ESP have significantly lessened the human interface in people operations at leading apparel Groups and customer service at leading banks, and telecommunication companies. The application of cognitive computing has accrued many benefits to Millennium IT ESPs’ customers: increased access to employee services, lower cost, speed and accuracy of responses and freeing talent from low value and uninspiring work.

“Millennium IT ESP is a company of 100% Sri Lankan origin. We are currently equipped to leverage technologies to enable customers to shape their future by creating adaptive strategies and building agile organisations. With expanded range of products, premier technology and innovation platforms along with the required resources Millennium IT ESP is well positioned to pursue the global opportunities as the company expands its footprint across new markets and regions. These enhanced capabilities will no doubt benefit our customers and create sustainable long-term value for all our shareholders,” Prakash concluded.