Managed IT Services

Grow and scale your operations while we take care of your systems

Operating as an extension of your in-house IT team, we will adopt proven processes and technology as it suits your operations. Our subject matter experts are skilled in multiple technologies from IT operations to cloud computing.

IT Operations

Service Desk Management

As the first point of contact for IT-related incidents and queries, our service desk professionals will manage all tickets and provide regular updates to your team. We will also track all necessary KPIs and make continuous improvements to optimize service desk operations.

End User Management

All IT-related activities such as user onboarding and offboarding, account/access management, M365 services, IT asset management, vendor management, etc, will be managed by our team on the ground. Our ITIL-certified teams will review and optimize the company’s processes for a better customer experience.

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Monitoring

We can monitor your IT infrastructure for device/service availability on the existing platform or you can subscribe to our Monitoring as a Service platform for a hassle-free service.

Infrastructure Management

From a physical datacenter and cloud infrastructure, to networking, security or application infrastructure, we will provide end-to-end services to manage your IT infrastructure by performing administration tasks, responding to incidents, change management, problem management, data backups, patch management, etc.

Other Services

BCP/DR Testing

Periodic BCP/DR testing to assist your teams to review BCP / DR plans

Vulnerability Management

Review vulnerability assessment reports and guide you in identifying critical vulnerabilities and relevant fixes.

Server / DB / Network 

Standardize IT device configurations and develop security guidelines for your organization.