Visioning Technology

Beyond Competitive Advantage…

Our operating philosophy, born out of our two decade-long experience as a technology leader, is that technology is not just a tool to craft competitive advantage. The true potential of technology lies in its power to deliver growth through the discovery of new value.  We are a relentless catalyst of industry ambition to invent solutions to economic, industrial, and social challenges.

Our philosophy underlies our conduct as an industry leader.  We do not see industry leadership as an entitlement or a privilege. We shoulder many obligations: championing socially responsible technology, upholding the social license to operate, setting new industry standards, nurturing industry players, creating a conducive industry fabric, and leveraging technology as a source of sustained shared values.

Our birth as MillenniumIT ESP was marked by the bold move to create an indigenous technology for Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE). The automation of CSE was an inspiring hallmark in the Sri Lankan technology landscape and contemporary economy that provided growth impetus to the then fledging equity market of Sri Lanka.

The exchange-technology business of MillenniumIT ESP rapidly grew to become a global player and a part of the London Stock Exchange Group.

MillenniumIT ESP’s intention to bring best-of-breed enterprise technology solutions to Sri Lanka through our entity started as the “Enterprise Solutions” (ESP) division. We, over a period of two decades and in partnership with leading global players, have grown to become the leader in enterprise technology.

Today, we provide a broad spectrum of mission-critical solutions in a wide variety of domains: telecommunication, media and entertainment, logistics and shipping, financial services, export manufacturing, and citizen services.

We have been building momentum to transformative adoption of technology by leading blue-chip companies. Among our customers are some of Sri Lanka’s leading corporates from industries such as Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Leisure.

We are enabling our customers to; integrate with the global supply chain and successfully compete in the global economy, create competitive value propositions and deliver seamless multi-touchpoint customer experiences, advance financial inclusion, build defense capabilities against cyber threats of all forms, optimise human productivity through cognitive computing.

Underlying our successes in delivering value to our customers is the symbiosis we have built with globally leading tech powerhouses. Today we are a preferred partner of IBM, Microsoft, ORACLE, CISCO, and Infosys in the region. The accolades and awards our partners have bequeathed us are a testament to the trust and admiration we have earned.

As a part of Ambeon, an industrial and financial conglomerate with a global footprint, we are even more vigorous in preparing our customers to face future challenges through enterprise technology.

Uncertainty, volatility, and disruption are hallmarks of technology. Thus, attempting to predict the future could be futile. Through adaptive strategy and by being agile, we are ready to shape the future in the most productive, and socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Visioning technology to reimagine and reinvent the business model and architecture of our customers, amidst growing uncertainties, will continue to be our core purpose.

Dinuka Perera

Murali Prakash - Group Managing Director/CEO Ambeon Group