MillenniumIT ESP gears for global expansion with new office in Singapore

MillenniumIT ESP gears for global expansion with new office in Singapore

MillenniumIT ESP – Sri Lanka’s leading Enterprise Solutions Provider – kicked off its global expansion drive by incorporating a new office in Singapore this year. This initiative was undertaken to expand the Company’s business into new markets and capture the growing global demand for enterprise technology solutions by capitalizing on its unique resources, skills sets and capabilities, and by harnessing the power of the partnerships and relationships already built in the ASEAN region.

With 25 years’ experience of delivering thousands of technology projects across diverse sectors, MillenniumIT ESP has a variety of industry-specific solutions to offer the ASEAN market including Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and India, especially in terms of subject matter expertise and advanced solution offerings which are in demand across these countries. The resources, skills sets and capabilities have been realigned to readily embrace the emerging markets and technology changes, to deal with constant environmental volatility and to enhance agility and speed to market.

In addition, MillenniumIT ESP has longstanding partnerships with technology giants such as Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, IBM, Huawei, and many others. While achieving the highest level of partnerships with the majority of these global players, the Company’s consultants and technical professionals are certified in unique specializations and competency levels under different partner offerings. The multiple working models enables the Company to supply their solutions to potential global clients, including becoming a Service Partner, partnering with local System Integrators as well as opportunities presented via their Principals through partnership extension engagements.

More specifically, from a Core Infrastructure point of expertise, the Company’s Infrastructure, Platform and Network Teams will extend their products, service capabilities and architectural services to projects by working remotely and through direct client site visits. Through MillenniumIT ESP’s Cloud expertise and considering the immense demand for Cloud Technologies, all offerings currently supplied to the local market will be extended to global clients. In addition, the Company will offer consulting and deployment services and independent Cloud solutions implementation services for technology partners AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Google Cloud.

The Company’s Cyber Security portfolio targeted at these new overseas markets includes Cloud Security, Security for the Hybrid Workforce, Attack Centric Exposure Management and Security Analytics, which will position MillenniumIT ESP as a premium Small and Medium Enterprise solutions player that provides specialized services within its respected expertise. The services, solutions and delivery models, including our Network and Security Operations Centers, provide increased visibility and rapid detection of threats thus helping enterprises improve their overall security profiles. Our resources have a track record of assisting enterprises, irrespective of size, to accelerate their cybersecurity growth through every phase of cyber transformation — whatever that enterprise’s level of cybersecurity maturity – and thus act as a partner in cyber-transformation journey.

MillenniumIT ESP will expand its market reach and identify growth avenues in its Enterprise Application expertise, focusing on customer engagement solutions such as Sales, Marketing and Services Automation to effectively manage multi-channel end-to-end customer journeys. The Company will also bring operational excellence by implementing Core Business Application offerings including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM) and Planning and Budgeting solutions. With a specific focus on the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector, through its Enterprise Applications expertise, MillenniumIT ESP will be offering its Banking Technology solutions portfolio which includes services for Core Banking and Treasury solutions implementation.

Complementing its Enterprise Applications, MillenniumIT ESP’s Intelligent Automation and Data expertise brings enterprise-level automation capabilities using Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and RPA technologies. In addition, Data Platform implementation and modernization, and Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions provide consolidated views and better insights for overseas clients’ business operations.

MillenniumIT ESP’s technical expertise in Smart Buildings will be heavily backed by the team’s credentials, giving the company a global competitive edge. Focused solutions will include contact centers, telephone and video conference and end-to-end Intelligent ELV solutions. The company will specifically aim at the Construction, Hospitality/Leisure and BFSI sectors in which it already owns a strong pool of customer references locally and internationally.

Its Managed Services expertise, which has several existing global contracts and years of experience in dealing with mission-critical operations, will further expand its partner ecosystem and enhance solution offerings to provide better customer experiences bundled with Security Operations Center (SOC) and Network Operations Center (NOC) services. The portfolio, which includes Managed IT Operations, Managed Infrastructure Services and Managed Security Services, will be made available for all global clients bringing multiple benefits through operational, business and financial improvements. The company’s Managed IT Operations will especially focus on offering significant cost savings and reducing overheads in managing IT operations.

“MillenniumIT ESP has had an impressive 25-year journey within the local market. However, to remain competitive and be on par with the latest market trends and global expansion of demand for Enterprise IT solutions, we are taking our business forward by officially extending operations abroad and opening our first international office in Singapore. Being a leader within the IT field and having received several global recognitions, along with owning the right technical know-how, skillset and industry experience, we are well geared to deepen our footprint globally across all sectors we cater to including Telco, Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Transportation. The opening of the Singapore office is the first step of our ambitious journey to expand globally,” commented Shevan Goonetilleke, Director/CEO, MillenniumIT ESP.

MillenniumIT ESP (MIT ESP) is a complete Enterprise Solutions Provider with a proven track record of serving global customers for over 25 years. The company provides technology solutions and services around Core Infrastructure, Cloud, Cyber Security, Enterprise Applications, Intelligent Automation and Data, Smart Buildings, and Managed Services. MIT ESP has a strong presence across a variety of industry sectors including Telecommunications and Media, Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing and Retail, Government, and Commercial Sector which focuses on Healthcare, Transportation, Hospitality, IT and BPO Companies, and other Conglomerates. Currently, the company is on a growth drive with plans to expand its footprint globally across all sectors. For more information, visit

MillenniumIT ESP Director/CEO Shevan Goonetilleke.

MillenniumIT ESP: Your Complete Enterprise Solutions Provider

MillenniumIT ESP: Your Complete Enterprise Solutions Provider

MillenniumIT ESP (MIT ESP) turned 25 in January this year. Having joined the company just a few months prior as CEO, I had the opportunity to reflect on the company’s journey over the past two and a half decades along with the team. It was an inspirational and insightful exercise that highlighted the work done so far in terms of achievements by the MIT ESP team and what it was capable of doing in the future as well. Many transformational, turnkey technology projects had been successfully executed and delivered, changing not only the business landscape of our customers but also, in some instances, positively impacting the technology landscape in Sri Lanka. Over 500 customers across all industry sectors have seen MIT ESP in action through the delivery of an estimated 2,000+ projects, both locally and internationally. The trust and confidence gained has resulted in many customers continuing to work with us, some even for as long as 25 years!

The core that has held everything together to make this happen has been the 1,000+ people who have walked the floors of MIT ESP at some point in their careers. The company currently employs 400+ people with more than 60 people who have served for more than 10 years, and nearly 10 of them for more than 20 years. This is a valuable amount of experience retained in the company, mostly attributed to the culture and environment that the team has cherished and nurtured for decades. This also means that the current team possesses an incredible amount of knowledge and experience gathered from successful projects as well as important lessons from the challenging ones.

MIT ESP is widely known as one of the oldest, largest and premier Systems Integrators in Sri Lanka. However, over the years, with the accumulation of knowledge, skills and experience gained, the company now goes far beyond that of a typical Systems Integrator. This evolution prompted us to take a step back and consider how we Reimagine and Reinvent ourselves, staying true to our tagline which has done just that for our customers for years. We spent several months as a team brainstorming on what we are good at, the knowledge and skills we want to build to be competitive in the future and what is needed for us to be competitive globally as well. Bringing it all together, we felt that we needed to refresh our positioning from being a ‘Systems Integrator’ to a ‘Complete Enterprise Solutions Provider.’ In order to effectively deliver on this positioning, we have repackaged our business and restructured ourselves to ensure we focus on the relevant technologies that make us a Complete Enterprise Solutions Provider.

Expertise in Core Infrastructure has been the mainstay of the company through the experience gained as a Systems Integrator. Our Core Infrastructure unit will continue to ensure our customers are provided with optimum infrastructure solutions at optimal cost and will deliver, deploy and support everything to do with compute, networks, storage, data centers, database, middleware, etc.

We believe all enterprises have an imminent journey to the Cloud and at least a part of their technology solutions will have a heavy reliance on cloud technologies in the future. Our Cloud focus will help customers with their Cloud infrastructure, assessment and migration to the Cloud, integration with Cloud technologies and Cloud providers, and help with managing overall Cloud operations.

Cyber Security is now a key consideration regardless of the nature and extent of the IT footprint of any enterprise. Cybercrime is at its peak with remote technology interactions increasingly taking place and hackers who are continuously scouting for vulnerabilities and opportunities looking to capitalize on ransomware. Our Cyber Security expertise will support enterprises by providing consulting on security architecture, vulnerability assessments and compliance, and also providing solutions that secure endpoints, networks, applications data, etc. Managed security operations also take away the burden and overhead from enterprises of having to continuously monitor and protect their technology operations.

Enterprises are increasingly relying on applications to automate their business operations, reduce rework, increase accuracy, and improve collaboration. Our Enterprise Application focus will take a Cloud First approach to provide enterprises with the optimum technology to achieve these objectives and also provide support to manage and maintain internal applications. We also offer specialized expertise in Banking Technology, including core banking, treasury and other financial technology solutions that have been deployed and supported across many financial institutions over the years.

Capabilities in making technology intelligent has matured significantly making it very much a part of optimizing overall technology solutions. Our Intelligent Automation and Data unit focuses on providing solutions based on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. to improve overall productivity and efficiency. We combine our approach to automation with our expertise in IoT and sensors and Data to create a powerful proposition of optimizing enterprise data architecture, correlating data across systems, enabling intelligent automation of workflows, and providing better insights that ensure enterprises are enabled for data-driven decision making.

Technology has had a significant impact on new constructions where buildings, offices and cities are increasingly becoming ‘Smart’. Our focus on Smart Buildings is geared towards setting up the technology infrastructure required to make buildings smart, including structured cabling, access points, telephony, and other sensor-based components. Our expertise also extends into providing building management solutions, parking management, security and surveillance, and other technologies that optimize building operations.

Managed Services bring it all together where our fully fledged Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) are able to take away operational overhead of managing applications, storage, databases, security, networks or even entire IT operations based on industry best practices and standards while also providing significant cost savings. This is a proven capability with state-of-the-art facilities that remotely manage IT for many global customers.

In order to provide the above capabilities, we continue to leverage our long-standing partnerships with industry leading technology providers – a pool that has now grown to nearly a hundred. Some of the partnerships extend over two decades and have given us the opportunity to elevate our expertise and status to a level second to none in the region, resulting in the capability to deliver best-in-class solutions to our customers. We also combine this with a Customer Success based approach to delivery where we deploy an engagement model that brings in learnings from 25 years of delivering large, complex projects in order to ensure on-time delivery, quality, customer satisfaction, and commercial assurance.

As CEO of MIT ESP, I take this opportunity to thank all customers, partners and our own team for what the company has achieved over the last two and a half decades. We now look forward to supporting our customers in bigger and better ways as a Complete Enterprise Solutions Provider!

Shevan Goonetilleke
MillenniumIT ESP

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MillenniumIT ESP celebrates 25 years of Reimagining Today and Reinventing Tomorrow

MillenniumIT ESP celebrates 25 years of Reimagining Today and Reinventing Tomorrow

  • The company prides itself implementing many firsts as the trend setter of the IT industry in the country

Sri Lanka’s leading Systems Integrator and Technology Provider Millennium I.T. E.S.P. (Private) Limited trading as MillenniumIT ESP, proudly announced that the company is celebrating twenty-five years of evolving its service offerings, expanding global reach and transforming customer businesses to be relevant for tomorrow… today. The 100% Sri Lankan origin-based Information Technology entity continues to offer agile, adaptive and rapidly evolving technology that solve current and future business challenges, helping to confidently navigate the ever-changing global business landscape.

“It is with great pride that we celebrate this all-important milestone of an entity that has created many notable firsts and sustainable growth within the IT industry of Sri Lanka,” stated Shevan Goonetilleke, Director/Chief Executive Officer, MillenniumIT ESP. “MillenniumIT ESP’s foundation to success has always been its people, values and culture – one which has been built on relationships and mutual trust. Employees are united by loyalty to the Company and a passion for success whilst leadership is driven by teamwork, innovation, enforcement of positive relationships and a result-oriented mind set.” Goonetilleke continued.  “After twenty-five years of creating a value driven culture internally and future ready business models and strategies externally, MillenniumIT ESP has earned credibility as a trusted Employer and Service Provider/Partner. Having matured our engagement model, we are now ready to continue this journey into the next phase of growth. In the immediate future, the Company will focus on enabling new age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) to meet near future needs and drive sustainable and profitable business outcomes across Sri Lanka and the world over,” Goonetilleke concluded.

MillenniumIT ESP (formerly known as ‘Millennium IT/ Millennium Information Technologies (Private)  Limited’) was founded in 1996 by its Founder/Director Mr. Tony Weerasinghe as a Systems Integrator and Sun Microsystem’s authorized reseller. The following year itself the Company rose to prominence as it deployed the hardware infrastructure solution for the Colombo Stock Exchange’s (CSE) trading platform.  Subsequently, the Company built the first suite of telecom software for Dialog Axiata or ‘Dialog GSM’ as it was known then, Sri Lanka’s leading GSM telecom provider.

Over the years, the organization has grown in numbers with over 400 employees who work across all sectors facilitating and implementing a wide breath of technologies to a truly global customer base. MillenniumIT ESP has managed to build several global partnerships with leading firms including Oracle, CISCO, Dell, Microsoft, IBM, and Edgeverve (“Infosys”) and the Company has also received numerous excellence, innovation and performance-based awards across various markets for its services around the globe, and continues to excel in their respective fields year on year.

As the leader in enterprise technology for the telecommunication industry, MillenniumIT ESP together with its global partners, has produced robust technology architecture and infrastructure, as well as reliable and scalable enterprise solutions for the sector. The Company provides Sri Lanka Telecom, Dialog Axiata, Mobitel Sri Lanka and all other telecommunication companies in the country with enterprise grade infrastructure solutions comprising of critical Servers, Storages, Consolidated Databases and Backup solutions and implemented Virtualized/ Hyper-converged Infrastructure platforms, using industry leading technology stacks.

In 2007, MillenniumIT ESP assisted Dialog Axiata to transform its Legacy Network to make it the country’s first IP-MPLS network, and in 2013 in order to support the increasing bandwidth, converted this IP-MPLS network to a 100G DWDM based Cisco network which was South Asia’s first 100G network for Cisco technologies.  In 2008, when Sri Lanka Telecom introduced a game changer and ventured into the television space in the country with the launch of PeoTV, MillenniumIT ESP provided the IPTV platform and digital Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to PeoTV in this audience-empowering business. MillenniumIT ESP also enabled Sri Lanka Telecom to reconstruct the architecture of the television industry and secure the dominant design in the local Pay-TV industry.

The fast-changing dynamics of the branded apparel industry demanded the fail-proof orchestration of a complex supply chain. Upholding system integrity is crucial for delivering high-standard performance in designing, manufacturing and logistics at high speed. MillenniumIT ESP implemented a robust Security solution for its compute and endpoint which is its security infrastructure to enhance the capacity to confront the entire threat lifecycle, protect critical technology infrastructure and ensure information security and safety.

Within the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) industries, while implementing and providing ongoing support for Core Banking, Treasury and other Enterprise software applications and enterprise grade Infrastructure solutions including Enterprise Servers, Storages, Database Consolidations, Backup solutions, Virtualization solutions and Enterprise Security solutions to almost all leading commercial banks in Sri Lanka, MillenniumIT ESP’s team of experts provide specialized banking and Fin-Tech skills and have an in-depth understanding of the business and associated technologies.

These significant milestones which elevated the Sri Lankan IT industry to new heights, not only placed Sri Lanka on the world map, inspired budding technology entrepreneurs and set the industry on a growth trajectory, but also cemented MillenniumIT ESP as a leading IT solutions provider in the country.

MillenniumIT ESP was also at the forefront of building Cognitive solutions to free talent from low value-adding tasks.  “AI BoT” applications designed by MillenniumIT ESP have significantly lessened the human interface in people operations at leading apparel companies, and customer service at prominent banks and telecommunication companies. The application of cognitive computing has accrued many benefits for MillenniumIT ESP’s customers including increased access to employee services, lowered costs, enhanced speed, and accuracy of responses; enabling them to focus on more important, critical decision-making tasks and projects.

In December 2009, the Company became a fully owned subsidiary of London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) until its acquisition by Ambeon Holdings PLC. In December 2017, Ambeon Holdings PLC – a medium sized conglomerate with market dominance in the areas of financial services, manufacturing of porcelain and textile products, real estate, technology, and strategic investments – took over MillenniumIT ESP from LSEG with 100% management and shareholding control. As part of this acquisition agreement, Ambeon Group also entered into a broader ownership plan with the employees of MillenniumIT ESP, granting them an equity stake and enabling them to play a significant role in shaping the Company’s future as owner managers.

Sanjeev Gardiner,

Chairman, MillenniumIT ESP, Ambeon Capital PLC and Ambeon Holdings PLC

Murali Prakash,

Director, MillenniumIT ESP and Group Managing Director/ CEO, Ambeon Capital PLC and Ambeon Holdings PLC

Shevan Goonetilleke,

Director/Chief Executive Officer, MillenniumIT ESP

Life at MillenniumIT ESP – 25 years of Reimagining Today and Reinventing Tomorrow

“The strategic decision to acquire one of Sri Lanka’s leading Systems Integrator and Technology Provider, MillenniumIT ESP, helped steer the Group positively with greater penetration through technology and innovation business.  In today’s dynamic business environment, technology continues to play a pivotal role across the globe and the acquisition of MillenniumIT ESP continues to accelerate Ambeon’s international growth strategy. The Group is now well positioned to pursue global opportunities posed by enterprise businesses through the creation of a world class brand portfolio. These enhanced capabilities will undoubtedly benefit our customers and create sustainable, long-term value for all our shareholders,” commented Sanjeev Gardiner, Chairman, MillenniumIT ESP, Ambeon Capital PLC and Ambeon Holdings PLC.

During the latter part of 2019, MillenniumIT ESP announced the launch of the new purpose of the Company which was to ‘Reimagine Today and Reinvent Tomorrow’. In addition, the Company unveiled its new logo, depicting agility and the transformational mindset, integrating the same with the new purpose statement. The new logo also evoked the purpose driven Company values including being Pre-emptive, Versatile, Energetic and Relentless, all geared towards understanding the future, whether it is technologies, industries or customers.

MillenniumIT ESP also invested in an ultra-modern, state-of-the-art Security Operating Center (SOC) and Network Operating Center (NOC) at its third office location. These facilities will continue protecting networks, cloud infrastructure, databases, servers, data centers and other technology infrastructure, ensuring the continuity of clients’ businesses with uninterrupted network service. Further, the dedicated managed service practice at MillenniumIT ESP has been supporting enterprises in managing their IT operations by providing managed services in various forms, through its NOC operations.

“In today’s dynamic world, connectivity is evolving, and organizations are embracing change, adapting to the ‘new normal’ and growing exponentially. Whether it is Banking and Finance, Insurance, Telecommunication, Manufacturing or Services, industries are constantly reinventing themselves to understand behavioral dynamics and stay relevant to the needs of tomorrow’s consumer,” stated Murali Prakash, Director – Millennium IT ESP and Group Managing Director – Ambeon Capital PLC and Ambeon Holdings PLC. “With twenty-five years of solid experience and expertise in technology, innovation, adaptation and transformation, MillenniumIT ESP is not only well equipped to leverage technologies to enable customers to shape their future by creating adaptive strategies and building agile organizations, but also able to steer these organizations efficiently and effectively into new ways of doing business.” Prakash further explained.

In addition to delivering top quality services across established lines of business – spanning Core Infrastructure, Cloud, Cyber Security, Enterprise Applications and Managed Services – 2019 also saw the Company successfully build on its capabilities in emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) which help customers optimize their overall business processes and enable intelligent, data driven decision making. During the same year, the Company invested in the acquisition of Infoseek (Private) Limited, an innovative Cloud based Human Resource Information System (HRIS) company providing services under the brand ‘MintHRM’. This investment has become an ideal strategic fit for MillenniumIT ESP to further its interest in building a fully-fledged cloud based ‘Internal CRM’ platform.

The year 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, brought in an array of opportunities for this global technology player, where they were able to leverage on their core strengths. As a responsible corporate citizen, MillenniumIT ESP embraced the ‘new normal’ culture within the Company by encouraging employees to work from home and take all necessary precautions at every instance. The Company further implemented all Health and Safety Guidelines stipulated by the Ministry of Health.

In addition, the Company was committed to partner with the governing bodies of Sri Lanka’s healthcare sector and support them in their approach towards tackling the pandemic. MillenniumIT ESP partnered with Cisco Sri Lanka in offering an AI enabled video and audio conferencing system to the healthcare sector in Sri Lanka. This solution facilitated instant decision making which was extremely crucial for containing the spread of the pandemic in the country. The Company further launched HealthVision – a web enabled, mobile responsive remote patient monitoring platform for medical personnel and care givers, which proved to be the need of the time.

Looking into the future, from a business perspective, MillenniumIT ESP intends embracing every opportunity that the circumstances permit.  As a global technology player, the Company intends growing its footprint in Public Sector, Health Sector, Leisure and Real Estate. Further, expanding on its product and solutions portfolio and progressing beyond strong system integration capabilities, the Company’s software development practice which focuses on product development will continue to evolve rapidly by offering cloud applications (SaaS) to the respective enterprises.  Regional and global expansions are also another area of focus for the future. The Company hopes to augment its core technology offerings using emerging technologies, while continuing to funnel investment into IP development and acquisitions.

The Board of Directors of MillenniumIT ESP include Mr. Sanjeev Gardiner (Chairman), Mr. Murali Prakash, Mr. Priyantha Fernando, Mr. Yudhishtran Kanagasabai, Mr. Shevan Goonetilleke and Dr. Sajeeva Narangoda (Alternate Director to Mr. Murali Prakash). For more information, visit