Save Humans From Becoming Robots

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Service delivery flaws in “people operations” potentially impact productivity and weaken the employee experience, resulting in alienation.

On the other hand, functions such as call centres and help desks are fulfilled by people. They are generally locked-in repetitive physical tasks with minimal scope for job enrichment and career progress. Their work requires low cognitive capabilities.

“Repetitive work, such as answering calls to provide service information or copy-pasting digital documents, make people robots. Such tasks trap valuable human resources in low value adding operations,” Calvin Hindle of MillenniumIT ESP suggests. Calvin works on some of the new initiatives around emerging technologies such as cognitive computing, Machine Learning (ML), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Elaborating on Calvin’s remarks, Danura Hewa Lunuwilage observes, “We, MillenniumIT ESP, are at the forefront of building next generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven software bots to free up human capital from low-value tasks to focus on higher-value tasks.” Danura is the Senior Consultant – RPA at Millennium IT ESP.

Apart from freeing talent from repetitive tasks, cognitive conversational solutions such as AI chat bots created by MillenniumIT ESP have impelled immense efficiency, increased positivity in customer experience, and streamlined business processes while reducing cost.

From the user standpoint, software bots deliver an easily accessible, faster, and more satisfying experience, which is always on, accurate, and secure compared to manual operations.

Unlike a human interface, software bots seamlessly gather highly accurate data on user behaviour.  The insights extracted from such data enable enterprises to improve user experience by closing service gaps.

The recently won “Virtual RPA Hackathon 2019” award, organised by the Sri Lanka Association of Software and Services Companies (SLASSCOM) is a testament to MillenniumIT ESP’s mastery in leveraging advanced computing. For the Hackathon, MillenniumIT ESP submitted a case study on an ‘Artwork Download Solution’ project the company had undertaken as part of a Proof of Concept implementation for a client.

The core business area of the client depends on the shared artworks, and any delay, mismatch, or miss-out meant losing business. As such, it is vital to find a reliable RPA solution that avoids human errors and standardises the artwork download process.  The solution MillenniumIT ESP built, Dbot: Download, Process, Report automates large file downloads for enterprises.

Calvin says, “The adoption of AI is still in its early stages in Sri Lanka, but we are witnessing a massive shift in the industry where almost all enterprise software applications are transforming to data driven or AI-driven. Previously, you would have to tell the software what to do, but now the software applications learn from historical data and tell the businesses what to do and would even provide unforeseen insights.”

Dinuka Perera

MillenniumIT ESP Team