Capturing performance in real-time

An intuitive, minimal-data-input mobile app that captures time and effort, on the go.

Capturing accurate time and effort in service delivery helps measure and improve efficiency and profitability. ProTime Mobile provides an intuitive, effective, minimal-data-input mobile application to capture time and effort in service delivery, while ProTime Web offers a feature-rich interface to populate bulk task schedules and extract actionable insights with built-in analytics engines.

Ease of use

Time and effort capturing is as easy as a tap and a swipe.

Accountability in decision making

Ability to make informed decisions regarding people, processes, culture, investments, and rewards.

Service delivery insights

Organization-wide, project-wise and personnel insights improve service delivery at every level of a firm.

Secure app

Multiple role levels and role-based access enhances compliance and security.

Project profitability

Profitability statistics compared to projects, budgets, time, and effort help measure the efficiency of service delivery and identify improvement areas.

ProTime Capabilities

Time entry

  • One tap indicates one hour of time spent on a task, while swiping across allows access to the next task panel.

Captures both time-bound and non-time-bound tasks

  • The application categorizes time-bound tasks such as projects and non-time-bound tasks such as meetings, research, learning and operations.

Reduced complexity for end users

  • While making the application as easy as tap and swipe for 90% of an organization’s employee population, the complexity of the application has been moved to the backend and is managed by Project Managers and Line Managers.

Improved decision making

  • A detailed interface that analyzes individual utilization, team utilization and project profitability provides insights to the management for accurate and smart decision-making.

ProTime Benefits

  • Improves employee efficiency and productivity.
  • Provides meaningful insights for planning and decision-making.
  • Helps measure the efficiency of service delivery.
  • Enables identification of service delivery improvement areas for every level of an organization.
  • Showcases project-wise profitability which is a key metric for most service organizations.

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