Donating Desktop Computers to Scared Heart Vidyalayam

Sacred Heart Vidyalayam in Mutur, Trincomalee, has 226 students studying up to grade 11, the majority of whom come from underprivileged families. MillionPaths team donated two desktop computers to the school which would enable students to enhance the computer literacy and the school’s administrative staff to perform administrative work more efficiently. We believe that computer literacy is a significant essence for every student’s future.

MIT ESP employees & MillionPaths Foundation provides relief to Muslim families during Ramadan

In this time of hardship, MillionPaths Foundation, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of MillenniumIT ESP, provided relief to Muslim families during Ramadan by distributing grocery packs to selected families in Colombo & Panadura. These packs were gifted to Muslims families who were severely affected by the current economic crisis.

MIT ESP employees and MillionPaths Foundation help families celebrate Avurudhu

On the 12th of April, MillionPaths Foundation together with employees of MillenniumIT ESP, distributed grocery packs to selected Sinhalese and Tamil families affected by the economic crisis in the country. The distribution took place at Yamuna Sadhham Aramaya in Kirullopone.

Equipping the IT Lab of Kalundawa Saranankara Maha Vidyalaya – Kurunegala

MillionPaths Foundation started the Year 2022 by helping the students of the Kalundawa Saranankara Maha Vidyalaya in the Kurunegala District by adding much-needed equipment to the school’s IT Lab. With 360 students ranging from Grade 1-11 and Computer Studies being a mandatory subject in the Government syllabus, the Foundation was able to provide 3 desktop computers and a WiFi Range Extender to the school, paving the path for the future of the young IT enthusiasts. The Foundation will continue to keep close contact with the school in order to further assist with other infrastructural requirements.

Renovation at Udadompe Vidyala – Badulla

The Udadompe Vidyala in Haliela, Badulla with a student body of 38 pupils from Primary to Ordinary Level, mainly children of estate workers and daily wage earners, found its establishment in hardened conditions, unable to upkeep its maintenance. The cracked walls and floors of the two small halls that comprise the school and its faded walls were brought to the attention of the MillionPaths Foundation. The team embarked on the renovation project with repairs to the walls and floors and the whitewashing of the establishment with a view to enriching the lives of these students under the Foundation’s Education objective, providing them with pleasant educational facilities.

Providing Sports Equipment to Peramaduwa Vidyalaya – Kantale

The Foundation embarked on its inaugural project in creating a positive impact, enforcing the initiative under the objective: Education. With a view to enabling the 96 students from Primary to Ordinary Level at Peramaduwa Vidyalaya in the Trincomalee District, the team was able to provide a number of sporting equipment necessary for the school to continue the extra-curricular activities for their students. Blessed with an extensive playground in the school, the majority of sporting activities and physical training of these budding students had to be compromised due to the equipment being damaged over the years and the lack of up-to-date gear. The Foundation will keep in touch with the school to assist with any upcoming needs that will better facilitate the future of these students.

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A Snapshot of MillenniumIT ESP’s Past Projects

Sisu Sahana Fund

Sisu Sahana Fund contributing towards the refurbishment of Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital, hosting children from Dimbulagala in Colombo for several consecutive years and providing them with school supplies, helping various Children’s Homes as well as children who were displaced in IDP camps in the North, providing scholarships to deserving Grade 5 national exam students, and much … Continue reading Sisu Sahana Fund

Housing Programs for the Internally Displaced

Housing Programs for the Internally Displaced Under the LSEG Foundation and in partnership with the Habitat for Humanity organization in Sri Lanka, our staff volunteered at the housing program for the Internally Displaced Persons in the village of Muthiyankattikulam West Bank in Oddusudan, Sri Lanka. Under the guidance of the 64th Infantry Division of the Sri Lanka Army, … Continue reading Housing Programs for the Internally Displaced

Launch of disABILITY App Powered by HealthVision

Launch of disABILITY App Powered by HealthVision An award-winning solution and first of its kind globally, designed and developed in partnership with the MJF Charitable Foundation to digitally connect children with special needs and their caretakers to  MJF Foundation’s health and education services. An initiative to help children with Cerebral Palsy and other developmental disorders to obtain … Continue reading Launch of disABILITY App Powered by HealthVision