Empowerment of women for Entrepreneurship

There is no better joy and pride than being able to support another on a milestone that could potentially change their life to thrive and especially when it is one of us – Ms. Nanda Kusumawathi who has performed 13 years of extraordinary service at MIT ESP until her retirement in 2019. Ms. Nanda and her daughter-in-law with their entrepreneurial spirit are planning to start a business in sewing women’s trousers and nightgowns to supply to the community and nearby stores. They also plan to produce Vicks for devotees to offer to temples and supply to wholesale buyers, and they are intending to buy and sell jaggery as well.

The MillionPaths team was delighted to embark on the first women’s empowerment project by providing the necessary initial financial assistance and guiding them towards a successful business whilst also supporting with their essential requirements.

On the note of supporting one of our own, we were also able to provide a grocery pack with essentials to Ms. Kayuroon who was also a part of the MIT ESP family for 14 years.