Health Vision

Enabling technology-powered healthcare services

A web-enabled, mobile responsive, intuitive platform for healthcare authorities and medical personnel to connect with their patients remotely and record their current health and safety risks through a guided questionnaire whilst visually capturing patient expressions, symptoms or symptom history. What’s more, HealthVision enables continuous communication between healthcare providers and patients on a daily or a periodic basis to ascertain the status patient wellbeing.

HealthVision has been designed as an asynchronous, near real-time platform to solve the challenge of meeting the ever-growing demand for healthcare with the limited capacity of healthcare providers.

Ease of use

White labeled customizable low code telemedicine / teletherapy platform.

Insights (via dashboards)

Data analytics and AI capabilities enable faster and accurate decision making.

Remote monitoring

Ensures reduction of healthcare risks by allowing proactive intervention.

Omnichannel access

Allows web and mobile responsive access and the application can be used via both Android and iOS supported devices.

Multilingual communication

Supports English, Sinhala and Tamil languages.

Health Vision Capabilities

Online Patient Monitoring Facility

  • Patients can connect with medical personnel online by logging to the solution’s platform through a mobile responsive URL or via its respective mobile app, eliminating the need to physically visit their doctors. The application can be signed in via the one-time password (OTP) sent for authentication to their registered mobile number.

Combination of Chat, Audio and Video Recording Facility

  • Allows patients to communicate with medical personness regardless of any physical health concerns or disabilities they may be facing, ensuring a through and efficient diagnosis. Deterioration in a patient’s health status can be brought to a provider’s attention early on.

Unique Reference Code

  • Medical practitioners use the reference code of each patient or case generated from the solution to provide required treatments without any lapses and to continuously monitor their patients’ progress accurately and with ease. The unique reference code is provided to patients for future reference.

Valuable Insights

  • Solution provides insights to medical personnel to assist them identify their patients’ current status and location, and to provide appropriate resources when needed to encourage positive mindset during difficult health and safety patient cases.

Inbuilt Machine Learning Model

  • Learns from the initial manual classification and risk ratings conducted by the medical personnel and based on that data (i.e. level of risk), the system automatically classifies and assigns the patient to relevant medical teams.

Real-time Information

  • Based on the information generated from the ML model, patients can obtain the needed guidance to follow the medical instructions provided to them while their medical consultants can provide accurate and timely consultation services based on real-time information.

Customizable Workflows

  • Ability to customize the solution’s questionnaires and workflows to suit health institutions’ precise requirements.

COVID-19 pandemic essential service

Self-quarantine and maintaining social distance having become essential factors in avoiding the spread of the virus, HealthVision is best fit to cater to patients’ consultancy requirements whilst allowing medical personnel to obtain a thorough health and safety diagnosis via the solution’s combination of video, audio and chat facility. Access to healthcare services can be obtained from the comfort of patients’ homes, avoiding the unnecessary risk of travel.

A community valued solution

Digital technologies such as analytics and AI coupled with automation help further reduce the overall cost per engagement, facilitating access to quality healthcare viable for everyone. HealthVision’s chat, audio and video features aid in providing a customized and much-needed personal care service, as and when required.

Digitally connecting patients with special needs

With the assistance of HealthVision, healthcare institutes and charitable foundations can monitor patients in their care from a distant location, expanding the reach of therapeutic services for people with disabilities – thus assisting their caregivers, teachers and trainers who work with special needs individuals.

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