Redefining conversational banking

A pre-trained conversational model for the financial industry, FinBot focuses on various banking-related customer engagements from savings accounts, loans, leasing, pawning, interest rate, credit cards, internet banking, general FAQs, and integrations to core banking and credit card applications.

FinBot identifies banking customers’ needs and provides them quick and relevant responses, with minimum human interaction.

24*7 service

Provision of 24*7 real-time customer response via digital channels.

Improved customer experience

Provision of immediate information.

Pre-trained banking language models

Up to 10-15 pre-trained banking language models and integrations.

Rapid deployment

Implementation carried out within 1-2 weeks.


Automation of repetitive customer engagements, with minimum human intervention.

Quick ROI

Reduction of repetitive customer calls by 10-15%.

FinBot Features

  • Conversational AI
  • Automatic speech recognition
  • Integration to Core Banking systems
  • Live Agent handover
  • Multilingual flows
  • Customized GUI components
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Omnichannel integration

Automation to gather insights

Improved customer experience by providing quick information and resolutions, automation of repetitive activities for customer-facing agents and gaining unforeseen insights with language understanding capabilities and customer predictive models.

Pre-trained banking use cases

FinBot provides pre-trained banking language modes, 24*7 real-time customer response capability via digital channels, integration to core banking applications, and analytics with dashboards on conversational engagements.

A Microsoft preferred solution

FinBot is recognized as a preferred solution on the Microsoft Marketplace and it is Microsoft co-sell ready containing pre-trained models for banking and financial institutions.

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