Working from Home: Tips & Bytes

If correctly done, you can be more productive and focused. Some tips based on my experience as I have done this quite often over the last 10-15 years during my short work from home overseas stints…

Daily work routine
  1. Mindset – It is important that you place yourself in a work mindset than a lazy holiday mindset. Wake up in the morning on the same basis as you would be doing on a normal office day and get on with the routine, only difference is that you have additional time due to no travelling requirement. You can use this time either to sleep or do your personal work. I do the latter as that way when things are back to normal your biological clock is ready.
  2. Have a separate place/table for your computer/devices and books. That helps focus and be in that mindset. Your children could do the same.
  3. Attire helps. If you are with the PJ’s, the mindset will not change. Wash and change clothes (not office attire but fresh casuals), thus you are ready to kick off.
  4. Take water breaks and tea breaks but work on a table at least for a couple of hours at a time.
  5. Remember, the concept is that you have only changed the physical working location.Work has not changed nor should your attitude towards work change. You are expected to be fully available during working hours.
Other activities – (Social/Casual)

If you have extra time at home, latch onto something interesting. Make sure your children do the same. There are hundreds you can select from but make them useful as much as possible. Time is money. Here are some options from my own personal experience:

  1. Enroll with web-based education. ‘Udemy’ is an example. Take a small course on whatever you like. It can be even a new language or playing an instrument or meditating. These are not very expensive.
  2. Complete that personal note/journal that you always wanted to do.
  3. Make that picture album from existing pictures in your hard drive.
  4. Clean up your inbox, which otherwise usually is cluttered.
  5. One-hour home lessons on ‘values’ for kids. We hardly spend time on this.
  6. Decluttering techniques for home and office.
  1. Sleeping throughout the day or more than required.
  2. Online videos/films and games.
  3. Minimise social media. This could be a killer.
  4. Minimise travel these days. Practice social distancing for greater good of mankind.
Have fun and work smart!
Murali Prakash
Group Managing Director/CEO
Ambeon Group

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