A web and mobile-enabled digital platform designed for banks to reach customers for remote identity verification, digital onboarding and e-KYC (Know Your Customer). BankVision also provides functionalities to maintain a continuous engagement with customers to facilitate the otherwise tedious processes and regulatory demands of Customer Due Diligence (CDD).

BankVision is an integrated, innovative technology approach to digitally connect customers with banks, empowering financial institutes to stay ahead of the curve.

Ease of use

White-labeled customizable low code e-KYC / video KYC / customer onboarding solution.

Improved customer experience

Permitting omnichannel access via a responsive web and mobile app.

Remote connectivity

Banks and their customers connect remotely, eliminating the need for physical visits.

e-KYC process acceleration

Automating first level assessments and onboarding customers digitally.

Multilingual facility

Operating in English, Sinhala and Tamil languages helps banks reach out to a wider audience through the digital channels.

Bank Vision Capabilities

Customer screening and profile rating

  • Bank agents can go through customer profiles to gain insights and decide whether to process or reject the customer.

Video conferencing

  • Video calls can be scheduled with customers for further verification, with notifications and information sent via SMS or email.


  • Business users can define e-KYC customer journeys, rules, workflows, mandatory/text fields, document uploads, and photo and video captures according to their requirements. Financial institutes have the flexibility to customize the look and feel of the platform according to brand guidelines and other independent requirements.

Seamless Integration

  • The solution can be integrated with a bank’s existing CRM or core banking application, aiding the creation of customer profiles based on approvals from bank agents. In addition, BankVision can be easily connected to a bank’s existing website or mobile app or as a complete white labeled mobile app (Android/iOS) and web application.

Optimized Technology Usage

  • The e-KYC process is optimized with an AI-based OCR supported by a rating engine to ascertain risks, while CDD is augmented with a rules engine to notify customers and maintain up-to-date information. Customers are taken through randomly assigned challenges by the solution’s built-in customer verification model that encompasses state-of-the-art face liveness detection, verification and speech recognition options.

No Human Intervention

  • For the initial KYC screening process, customers can self-fill the form and go through the process on their own. AI-optimized image and video-based verification services can authenticate the identity of new customers against their digital identity. The platform permits for seamless digital onboarding while CDD automates the customer screening process without human intervention.

Process Efficiency

  • Built-in digital technologies, including AI-based video analysis, image recognition and automation, improve the efficiency of processes. The solution also provides flexibility in facilitating manual overrides when required.

Speedy Implementation

  • The quick build and agile capabilities let any bank or financial institute deploy the solution modules within days, not weeks or months. BankVision is a truly flexible and adaptive platform that can digitalize any bank within a few days.

Bank Vision Modules

  • Customizable rule-based KYC assessment workflows
  • KYC assessment scoring module
  • Fully configurable low code module
  • AI-based face recognition
  • AI-based document identification
  • White-labeled Web, Android and iOS apps
  • Integration to existing mobile banking app capability
  • Live video call option
  • Video call recording facility
  • API integration

Overcoming challenges of the new normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the entire world with the new normal, creating an increasing demand for remote e-Solutions. BankVision is designed as a real-time platform to solve the challenge of meeting new customers amidst the limitations and restrictions brought about by the latest pandemic. At times such as these, it is critical for financial institutes to be able to establish and retain customer contact and enable business growth while managing associated risks and boosting customer confidence.

Providing cost efficiencies

The use of digital technologies such as AI and data analytics coupled with automation vastly reduces the overall costs both to banks and their customers. Customer onboarding is streamlined, cost-effectively.

Contributing towards social responsibility

BankVision enables communities and businesses across the country to access their banking needs from the safe confines of their homes and workplaces, eliminating the unnecessary risk of travel. The all-new BankVision app facilitates remote screening, video conferencing, customer profile rating and includes a customizable self-service workflow engine. This enables organizations to be agile and meet the ever-changing customer and regulatory demands whilst easily integrating the solution to their existing digital channels.

Bank Vision Insights


A remote customer verification solution to onboard customers digitally.

Liveness detection and spoofing

  • Identifies five gestures: looking right, looking left, looking up, smiling, and closing eyes
  • Developed using TensorflowJS with models developed by Google research
  • Models identify face landmarks; the application runs mathematical calculations to identify gestures
  • Captcha verification has been included for additional security

Auto filling information from identity documents – OCR enabled

  • Extracts key information from identity documents such as NIC, driver’s license and passport
  • Extracted information can be used to autofill forms for the user to confirm


  • Anti-spoofing is used to prevent presentation attacks and spoofing attacks
  • Uses the FeatherNets model, developed using PyTorch and deployed as a web API
  • Multiple API requests are sent and a result is computed

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